Why Businesses Should Invest in Mobile Apps in 2020

People now solely depend on their smartphones for almost everything. With a simple click and by downloading an application, they can meet their diverse needs. This massive shift, towards mobile applications, is seen as a huge advantage to businesses who are trying to reach a larger audience. 

Thousands of brands across India have created apps to facilitate their customer’s demands. There are several brands who still hesitate to join this trend but they should be aware that mobile apps have proven to be highly engaging, and experience-driven. They can help in increasing the brand’s traffic and presence. It also acts as a tool for customer relationship and also increases customer retention. 

For those businesses that remain unconvinced about having a mobile app for their company, here are a few reasons why it should be considered. 

Benefits of mobile apps – 

| Brand Awareness

Customers must first be aware of a company’s establishment before they can engage with them. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to increase a brand’s visibility. Creating an app not only helps businesses connect with new customers, but they get to constantly engage with their old customers as well. The more interactions the customers have with the brand, the more likely they are to continue purchasing from them. Brand loyalty is being established in this process. 

Companies can also create the app in a way that their customers would like. The kind of features or designs that they will prefer can be decided based on market research and questionnaires. 

| Higher Revenue 

Through mobile apps, brands can increase their overall revenue. Apps make online purchases extremely convenient by providing several payment options and keeping customers informed about their orders. This improves the customer’s experience while making an online purchase. For example, brands such as Swiggy and FreshMenu have made it easy for customers to order food online. Customers are notified as to when their food will arrive and who will be delivering their food. 

| Personalized content 

More than 70% of consumers prefer a personalized experience when they engage with a brand. Through mobile apps, brands are able to engage with the customers in real-time and the chance of getting personalized content increases tremendously. 

Features like geolocation make it possible for brands to customize the reach of the products, based on their availability, in the specific area. Push notifications can also be used to directly interact with customers by reminding them about offers or providing them information about their product delivery. 

With such personalized features, customers have a better brand experience and it helps build a stronger relationship between the two parties. 

| Remain Competitive

It is soon going to be a necessity to have a mobile app for every brand. It is best to plan ahead and build an app to ensure a place in the industry. Businesses can stand out if they create apps that are visually appealing and interactive. By having a strong mobile app presence, brands are likely to have a stronger market presence in comparison to their competitors. 

| Better customer service 

Customers always prefer to have their questions answered as quickly as possible. Mobile apps make this possible as customers can directly post their questions about orders or products in the customer service section. They can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for responses. 

The nature of apps itself makes a great customer service channel, which improves the overall customer experience.

Example of brands with mobile apps – 

There are several traditional brands that have shifted to mobile applications in the last few years. With the right marketing strategy and app design, they have witnessed tremendous growth. The below-mentioned brands were the trendsetters in their category and other brands have been greatly inspired by their app.

| Nike+ 

Nike is a global sportswear and footwear company that has promoted fitness in the past due to the nature of its brand. It launched Nike+ which is a fitness training app that has multiple planned workout routines for its customers. These routines are created as per different levels of training to benefit their fitness regime. The creation of this app has helped Nike retain its customers, who still remain loyal to the company.

| Starbucks

Starbucks is a trendsetter of mobile applications for many retail food and beverage chains. Their app helps navigate the closest Starbucks outlet to the user’s current location. The customers also use this app to get discounts and make online payments at the outlets. 

A unique feature of this app is that users have the opportunity to customize their drinks. They can create their drinks through the app by selecting the ingredients and order it instantly. Their app is downloaded across the world and it still continues to have good ratings on app stores. 

| Airbnb

In 2012, Airbnb launched its app which provides users with a whole new booking experience. They used an algorithm that simplified the interface. They introduced new filters, and users have the option of choosing accommodations as per their preferences. They can check which accommodation offers the best view and which are located in good neighborhoods, with the help of their in-app Guidebooks. 

The app also allows users to chat with their hosts in order to have a smooth and hassle-free stay. These features have given Airbnb a huge advantage when compared to its competitors.

2020 demands apps 

With an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly hard for brands to sell their products and services. Many businesses are shutting down due to the same. So it becomes vital to adopt different methods of conducting business. Creating an app can be very beneficial to businesses and existing apps can add features that meet the current pandemic’s requirements. For example, Swiggy now offers contact-free food delivery so that customers don’t have to physically meet the delivery personnel. Brands must consult app developers and start developing features to interact with their customers. Since these creative and essential changes made to the apps are helping businesses stay afloat. 


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