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The Best Website Color Palettes to Increase Engagement in 2021

The Best Website Color Palettes to Increase Engagement in 2021 1300 732 Moshi Moshi

Choosing the right color palettes for a business’s website can be extremely hard! There are so many intriguing colors out there and it can be overwhelming for an individual to select just a few. Everyone has their favorite colors that they like seeing. Colors are a way to express and showcase one’s personality. Adopting the right website color palettes in any business is essential.

The right website color palettes can help boost the ROI, sales, and credibility of a brand.
Although choosing schemes takes time and careful planning, they can have positive long term effects. The color schemes will influence how a customer views a brand, so brands must make sure that they select the best website designs and themes for their websites.

Importance of Color Schemes

Let us first understand the significance and importance of color schemes.

1. Brand Recognition:

Brands now need to adopt any and every way to stand out in today’s market. Creating something truly memorable can help set brands apart from each other. Color is a great way to do this. 

Studies have shown that brand recognition can increase by 80% with the use of colors. If a brand has already established a color scheme, they must use it across all communications, including their website. The color scheme will create memorability in the minds of the customers, which will increase their trust in the brand. 

2. Shapes the Customer’s View: 

Many customers initially assess a brand, based on colors alone. These impressions are made almost instantly. To deal with these quick judgements, it is best if brands follow and take advantage of the psychology of colors. 

Every color has a set of emotions and meaning attached to it. Brands can choose what emotions a customer must feel when they visit their website. For example, if they run an online grocery business, the use of green can induce feelings of freshness, nature, and health. The color alone will motivate customers to buy vegetables or food supplies from their website. 

Similarly, if a brand runs a tech company, then colors such as blue, white, and grey are recommended as they communicate advancement, innovations, precision, and industry. 

Every color has a story, and brands must carefully decide what story they want to tell. 

3. Helps Elements Stand Out:

Another significance of color is that it can help brands highlight specific objects. The more an item stands out, the more likely it is to be noticed. This advantage can help brands sell specific products/services. 

It is preferable to have one strong color that is attention-grabbing and effective, paired with subtle supportive colors. 

4. Simplifies Design Related Decisions: 

Other than running a website, brands are also constantly occupied in running an entire business. Large portions of their days are taken for decision making, planning, organizing, and leading. Spending long hours on just design and color palette is not an optimal use of time. 

Identifying a color scheme or palette saves several billable hours. Once the colors have been decided, all the design-related decisions become easy. Consequently, less time is spent on creating new pages for the website. 

Best Color Schemes for 2021

1. Shades of Red Paired with Muted Tones

Website Color Palettes

For a trendy and catchy website, one of the best website color palettes are shades of red. Red is a popular color that several brands have incorporated in the last few years. The reason for this is that red is a dynamic color, popularly used to emphasize elements on a website. It is a bold color that gives a “pop”, adding life and excitement to a webpage. 

Since red is such a strong element, brands must never pair it with another strong color. For example, when red is paired with colors such as light green or bright yellow, the contrast doesn’t appeal to the customers. But if red is paired with muted and soft tones, then something truly aesthetic can be created. 

This color scheme works well since it adds elements of creativity and attraction. It will inevitably promote the brand’s identity in the market. 

2. Pink and Black 

For legibility and visibility, most people opt to write content in black for websites. A great way to bring more traction to websites is by pairing this black font with brighter color schemes. Shades of pink are good examples of this. Soft or bright shades of pink stand out behind jet black writings. These website color palettes draw a lot of attention and have a huge aesthetic appeal. 

Pink is often associated with only female customers, with the belief that it is a feminine color. This is far from the truth. Pink themed websites attract all genders because it is modern, chic, and artistic. 

Website Color Palettes

3. Soft Color Schemes

Several brands have taken their business to the next level with the adoption of soft color themes on their websites. Subtlety on websites is the trend this season. Many customers enjoy non-jarring designs since it gives them the mental space to focus on the product/service on the website. 

Soft tones work very well because they give the website enough white space. The user engagement increases due to the classiness and sophistication of the website. 

To match the overall design and theme, brands must ensure that the written content stays to a minimum, as too many words can reduce the customer’s interest in the website. 

Soft tones are best suited for fashion related websites. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, etc., can be easily highlighted in the presence of soft and subtle background colors. 

4. Retro Tones 

Website Color Palettes


Retro color tones have made a huge comeback this season! With the widespread pandemic, several people have been left with feelings of nostalgia and memory of “the good old days”. These thoughts have definitely inspired old color schemes and “back to the basics” themes for website colors. 

Many top brands are using the western 80s and 90s color themes for their websites. They have also found great blends of the old and new to create unique themes like never before. 

Orange and reds are definitely a part of this trend as these two colors evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia of childhood and teenage years. 

When brands are working with retro website color palettes, they must keep in mind who they are trying to reach. The design should match the target audience’s likes, preferences, and age group. For example, innovative tech companies using retro themes would never make sense! 

In Conclusion

Brands must ensure that no matter which palette they select, it should resonate not only with their brand image but also with the customers and target audience. They should choose website color palettes that maintain the attention of the customer during their visit to the brand’s page. 

In order to stand out, brands can also choose to select a different color scheme that hasn’t been used before in their niche/industry. They can test these new colors out and see if their customers are interested in them or not. 

If not, brands can simply swap those colors for new designs and themes. They must give themselves the time and opportunity to make their site as appealing and memorable as possible. 

how to build a website from scratch

Learn: How to Build a Website From Scratch!

Learn: How to Build a Website From Scratch! 800 450 Moshi Moshi

You don’t want your amazing website to simply become another domain URL, do you? But you would like it to be a strong marketing tool for attracting prospective clients. Check out the below stats for web design. 

how to build a website from scratch

Whether your company is small, big or intermediate, well-established, or new, an amazing website will generate sales, foster goodwill among clients, and deliver clear marketing messages. In this blog, we will discuss how to build a website from scratch.

What is web design?

An amazing website is your corner of the internet. You don’t need a Facebook profile, or an Instagram account, or even a prototype. You need a website to get the best for you, and your company. A website will reveal who you are, and will give you the best look possible.

So now you must be wondering, “how to build a website from scratch?”

how to build a website from scratch

It is important to discuss why you need a good website for your business before you come to this point.

|- Your website is your canvas

Be it business, hobby, passion, or a simple product you’re talking about. Expressing yourself via your website has no boundaries! You can experiment, engage with your clients, and reach a large international audience with just a click!

|- Websites set the first impression

The very first impression is the best. When the audience visits your website for the first time, it takes them just a few seconds to formulate an impression about your business. So it is important to give a positive impression as it impacts your audiences’ perception of your brand.

|- Websites build trust with your audience

Is a poorly designed, obsolete website trustworthy? Undoubtedly no, right? 

Your audience may think that your business and approach are as outdated as your website design.

|- Websites act as a certification

Having a website available gives your business a level of authenticity because the first thing a customer searches for is your website. 

how to build a website from scratch

Your amazing website is also your front and salesperson.

|- Websites are all-around workers and cost-efficient

Apart from being your identity, a website is also your business card to all potential clients. It works for long hours, takes no sick leaves, and is available to your client 24/7.

What’s best is that they don’t take extra pay for it! They are affordable and cost-efficient, depending on your requirements.

Websites also have unlimited office space. So you can work, grow, and expand as much as you please.

|- Websites make you edgy

Website advertising for you in the best way possible. They are your best marketing team who are forever present! They give details about your work, make you credible, and give you an edge over your competition.

Websites also help with brand building, don’t they? How many times have you purchased something because of a good website? Or when has a bad website changed your mind about the brand?

Your website is your online profile and hence they reflect and communicate who you are.

Now comes our foremost question, How to make an amazing website? This question can be answered with the help of several points. How to build a website from scratch is not always about technology. Some key principles can make a website great.

Our approach to how to make a great website is quite direct. “Don’t build a website because you need one. Build a website because it accomplishes a goal.”

Once you have a clear goal then it’s not a challenging task to add or remove elements.

Points to remember while designing a website

Content is king

When we started working with Sumanahalli, a society for the treatment of Leprosy afflicted individuals in and around Bangalore, their website wasn’t updated to the requirements of today’s users. Their content wasn’t arranged appropriately which obstructed users from getting the information they needed.

It is important to note that you must not stuff your website with unnecessary content, only create quality content on your website. All the extra content needs to be ignored and removed since it takes away white space which is needed to make your website look great.

how to build a website from scratch

We revamped their website by changing their whole layout. Decluttering the design and formatting it by viewer engagement was our biggest triumph.

Their credentials and pertinent information was added to the home page, making important content more accessible. We also added their portfolio to the home page, to make their work more notable. 

Larger fonts were used, making the content more clear for the user. Their new website looked more clear and easily conceivable.

Don’t confuse your audience

How to build a website from scratch is a challenging question. You are targeting your audience and communicating with them. If you wish to successfully communicate with your audience, make sure you don’t confuse them.

In order to achieve this goal, keep the navigation simple and avoid creative titles by using conventional titles such as “About us”, “Services”, “Contact”, etc

4-5 titles are adequate. More confuse the audience. Always remembers navigation is meant to be used, not to think.

Purposeful visuals are important

Images immediately communicate with the audience. You should give a summary, a testimonial or story with depth and meaning and offer a far more engaging experience than writing alone.

For effective interactions, visual elements are perfect. But never make the website look crowded or cluttered with lots of videos and photos. Too many images hinder the overall aesthetics of the website.

Technical sides of website building

Talking about the technical sides of developing websites for any business, these are the questions normally come up:

  1. How to make a website on WordPress?
  2. How to make a website on Google?
  3. How to make a website using HTML?

how to build a website from scratch

To build a website for your business, you should select a website builder software. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are some of the most common site builders out there. 

WordPress, an open-source software package, is the most versatile builder of websites. You can customize your website to match your core content using WordPress.

1. How to make a website on WordPress? 

What are WordPress.org and WordPress.com? The former is where we can find the free WordPress software that can be downloaded and run on your web server. 

The latter is the service that proffers websites that run on WordPress. You can sign up for a free account and receive a fully operating website. You can only use a subdomain on WordPress.com — like mywebsite.wordpress.com

2. Google Sites 

Creating a website with Google Sites is another way to build a website. Site is a service provided by Google which helps you build websites. With only a few clicks, you can use the freely accessible web service to make creative and interactive websites. No knowledge of HTML is needed!

3. HTML in building your website

how to build a website from scratch

HTML is the code that converts your template into what your browser will be able to show. There are lots of frameworks and software available that will help you create websites and templates. It will then translate all of that into lines of code read by your browser and turn it back into your design.

The design and concept of your website is a significant part of your online marketing presence. Your website is your identity, the unique portrayal of your image.

Now that you know how to build a website from scratch, you should know that a website will help you achieve your business goals. You must invest in developing a website that provokes people to learn more about your business.

We help you communicate with the world, and connect with the viewers. We create a home for your brand to live on.

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Why do we need a website?

A website is the best way to provide value-added services to your customers and clients. whether our business is small, medium, or large we must have a website for our business.

Why design is important for a website?

Web design is important because it gives a strong impression on your client's mind. Good web design keeps the visitors engaged.

What makes a website a good website?

Good websites are clean, professional, organized, user friendly and ones having fast loading speed.