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digital marketing in 2021

What Will Reign the World of Digital Marketing in 2021

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digital marketing in 2021

2020 has been a year of painful events and gruesome happenings. Whether it is the natural calamities like the destructive wildfires and typhoons or our pugnacious nemesis- COVID-19, the way all the businesses use to function has changed with the ongoing times, and staying inside and working from our homes has become the new normal. With more and more trust being put into the digital world, companies relying on digital modes of business & marketing are surely going to hit new heights. Through this blog, we are taking you through some of the trends that will rule digital marketing in 2021 and promises a wider window of chances and opportunities for brands that are ready to become agile and savvy.

digital marketing in 2021

Let us talk about some trends in the world of digital marketing that will help you plan a skyrocketing strategy for your brand in 2021 and beyond. The time for every marketer to look for online opportunities and pay a closer look into the world of digital marketing is now. In modern times, marketers need to be nimble and adaptive as well as truly flexible to be able to attain a top spot in the red ocean.

Digital Marketing in 2021- What’s Coming Ahead

Before we embark on the ideas and strategies that will talk about the changes in digital marketing in future, let us tell you that it’s not all thorns and the future of digital marketing in 2021 and coming years is very bright and blooming. Here are some of the most evolving and ruling digital marketing trends for the upcoming times.

1. Core Updates and EAT

The most recent case studies on digital marketing in the future have revealed that the quality of the content you post is the basis of where you belong on Google search. The websites following the EAT ( Expertise, Authority and Trust signals) algorithm, will always find space on the front pages of a Google search. 

This is because as the number of people on the internet is rising, the chances of fake and unreliable information are rising simultaneously. Keeping such threats in mind, Google has designed strict algorithms to filter quality content from repetitive information. So invest in quality and authentic content if you wish to hit the top charts

2. An Ode To Social Media 

 Every progressive thinker should be ready to invest their time and money in the world of social media marketing. With platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc becoming mightier every year, social media has become unbelievably resourceful and promising in bringing new business. According to a study, social media comprises around 24% of the overall marketing budget of the US in the second half of 2020, which was 13% last year.

digital marketing in 2021

Since a majority of people spent a considerable amount of their time on social media during the pandemic, it has become a place where marketers and brands can easily connect and reconnect with their customers. Therefore, investing in a good social media plan that includes quality and catchy photos, videos, Q&A, etc is what many business houses are looking forward to in the coming times.

3. Incorporating Voice Search

A study conducted by Hubspot found out that around 39% of people have used voice search as a medium of internet surfing. However, 45% of the study group were unaware of what a voice search is. Predictions and research have proved that voice search based surfing on Google shows different results compared to the results shown when you normally type and search. 

This means that there is a hidden potential in voice searching to become the next best friend of websites looking to achieve a first-page display on Google. Content designing and optimizing is different for voice searches. 

It is more crisp and conversational so that it can easily get captured by a voice detector. Therefore, the clearer your words, the more will be your traffic. More and more people are shifting to this medium as it is becoming capable of accurate syncing with each passing day.

4. Evolutionary Content Marketing

With the Google EAT algorithm being implemented, bids are on every content that holds the potential to be authentic, interactive and fresh at the same time. Research has shown that interactive content that has the potential to grab eyeballs has been a major missing in the world of digital marketing in previous years. Around 43% of the content was simply project-based, 30% of the content was based on persona and only 12% of the content was journey focussed. 

The new trends demand a greater focus on persona and journey- based content.

Interactive elements in the content can boost up interest as well as draw more traffic by increasing visibility. Ideas like quizzes, games, surveys, contests, etc are some of the greatest options when it comes to the trends of digital marketing in 2021. The contest is considered one of the most involving techniques of social media marketing.

5. Influencer Marketing- A Revolution

It has been several years since the concept of influencer marketing was introduced and it has proved to be a huge hit since inception. The rise of social media marketing has made influencer marketing even more effective and in demand. 

Having said that makes it clear that influencer marketing is here to stay and will be a trending domain of digital marketing in future. Influencer marketing is very effective in grabbing the audience’s attention to your products and services.

Bonus-  A recent guideline published in Business Insider found that people liking sponsored posts on Instagram has gone up by 76% during the COVID-19 crisis. 

People highly believe in their favorite celebrity’s recommendations and tend to copy the same as a sign of their loyalty. These influencers have seamlessly become a brand of their own and are a great source of marketing. 

Previous studies have concluded that by 2020 brands are estimated to spend around 25% of their marketing budget on influencers, which means they will be investing $10 billion of their budget just on influencers to promote their brand identity. Interesting! 

6. Your Best Buddies- PPC & RSA

PPC (Pay Per Click) has been in the world of digital marketing for a while now and will keep ruling the world of digital marketing in 2021 as well. What makes PPC so special is its AI-based functioning that rightly detects how eager someone is to buy a product and shoots ads right in front of their eyes every time they open a search engine or a web page. 

digital marketing in 2021

Modern PPC technology is completely automated and thus surely saves marketers a huge chunk of their time spent on campaigns.

RSAs (Responsive Search Ads) have now become Google’s default option and are highly being used in place of PPC. Unlike older PPC ads, RSAs are purely based on Google AI. Therefore, most of your work is done by the AI. Your only work is to feed it with different content with well-defined headlines and leave the rest on Google.

Bonus- Go ahead by feeding 8-10 headlines, 2-3 titles with keywords and 1 brand title for successful RSA results.

7. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

These days conversions might have become one of your daily encounters if you frequently visit links that pop up on social media. The basic principle that conversions run on is- bringing people to websites and turning those visits into revenue as an outcome.

Conversions are the forms that some sites ask you to fill before they take you further. For example, asking you to fill a small form before downloading an Ebook. These websites collect this data and calculate the total number of people who reached their desired goal: how many people visited your site and what did they do once they filled the form.

Prioritize personalization when it comes to CRO. Results say that 80% of people end up buying when their user experience is personalized. 

This personalization can be based on the demographics of the users, matching their psychology and gaining their interests. The impact of such conversions with refined and personalized results can be significant in coming times

8. Video and Live Video Marketing

The psychological impact of videos on viewers has been unbeatable and continues to grow. More than 50% of people watch videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat every month. The numbers are going wild with every research.

 A study by Grabyo states that more than 75% of people in the US use social media to watch videos daily. But regardless, YouTube continues to be the most visited video platform.

Do you know?- YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. It has 60 billion users from the US who watch videos daily. (Statista)

With the world focusing on more easy and understandable results, video results have also become a major part of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Since more and more search comes based on the recent readings and latest creations, marketers can increase their ranking by posting fresh content religiously, in small intervals. 

digital marketing in 2021

Similarly, the world of Live video is taking a splurge as things are becoming online and are here to stay at least for the coming year. Things are shifting to the virtual world and so should you.

Summing Up

Digital marketing in 2021 will be all about people. Omnichannel marketing is also going to spread more in the market. The more valued you make your customer feel, the better the results will be. 

Doesn’t that sound like how you feel when you are in a romantic relationship? Well, the brand-customer relationship is no less. After all, we are keeping the customers on a pedestal and making them the center of all our thoughts!

People are more likely to continue shopping and surfing online. So your investment in all the ads, videos, content, SEO, SMM, etc is never going to be a bad idea even when this phase of calamity is over. There are various advertising agencies that provide digital marketing services, you can also take help from them.

The above strategies and many more trends will become a part of the family of digital marketing in the future. There is no question on the fact that COVID-19 has rattled the situation and people are still wondering clueless but surely things will take a turn.

brand revamping

Brand Revamping Examples Showing Support During The Pandemic

Brand Revamping Examples Showing Support During The Pandemic 1500 844 Admin

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow”, this pandemic has certainly depicted how important it is to be relevant in today’s time. The Brand Revamping examples highlighted in this blog clearly depicts this relevance, where brands recreated their brand elements to show solidarity and convey support during the harsh times. 

Some of us have either got habituated to this ‘new normal’, while some may still be striving to adapt to the ‘new normal’. It’s not a simple task to easily accommodate to the changing surroundings and start functioning as per the changing environment.  

However, while we are still learning, unlearning and relearning a few things to adapt to this, a few companies and brands didn’t invest much time trying to cope with the situation. Instead, they have either diversified into a new segment, repurposed their operations, or revamped their identity to stay relevant to their consumers. And this is what is exactly required for a company or brand to sustain during uncertain times, “Be in the Present, Be Relevant and Add Value”. 

There are a few brands that recreated their logo and even suspended their tagline to stay relevant during the Covid-19 times. These brands aimed to promote social messages through their brand elements, as “to lack creativity and relevance is to be in the ring blindfolded”.  While a few brands changed their logo completely, a few took to posting on social media to announce their brand revamping act for the current scenario.

A logo is the most vital element of a brand and making changes to its brand elements like the logo is a great initiative taken on the part of the brands. The intention behind the brand revamping here was to demonstrate support and spread social messages. 

Brand Revamping Examples-


brand revamping

Subway India changed its logo to reinforce the safety measures in the consumer’s mind and stated this as the new normal. The brand incorporated a face mask to their logo along with the message ‘Stay Safe’. The brand aimed to highlight the safety standards and hygiene practices implemented in their restaurants. 

Since the logo is the most vital element of the brand, the brand tweaked its logo to convey that it is a responsible brand, and they are taking all the precautions for the safety of their customers. 

Urban Company

brand revamping

Urban Company also recreated its logo by integrating a mask to spread social messages. While some found the logo cute, some also took the social message from it. The aim was to remind everyone to be safe by wearing a mask and also maintain social distance. The brand also wanted to spread positivity among its customers during these tough times. 


McDonald’s recreated its logo to emphasize the need for social distancing. The iconic McDonald’s logo was split into two arches to denote social distancing. 

McDonald’s aim was to convey the safety measures to be undertaken during the pandemic, with the message “separated for a moment to always be together”. The company stated that it stands united with its customers despite the temporary separation brought by the closure of its restaurants.  

The brand also created a GIF to promote its safe and contactless McDelivery option and ensure the customer that food reaches them with safety. 


Volkswagen also altered its logo to promote social distancing. The brand moved the letter V away from the letter W in its logo to encourage customers to maintain social distancing. The brand also released a video with relevant messaging stating that we always overcome the crisis by staying shoulder to shoulder and close to each other but, this time we must overcome this crisis by staying away from each other.

The video ends with a simple yet powerful sentence ‘Thanks for keeping your social distance’. While the statement expresses gratitude to the customer for being responsible, it also evokes a feeling of responsibility.

Other German car manufacturers like Mercedes and Audi also changed their logo to promote social distancing.

Mercedes moved the branches of the star away from the circumference of the circle indicating isolated branches and staying contained within the circle. 

Audi separated all four rings from each other that represented the four brands that joined together to create Audi. The four rings were separated to encourage people to maintain social distance with the message “Stay home, stay away, stay healthy, stay together, we’re all in this together. 

brand revamping

Coca- Cola 

Coca-Cola made changes to its billboard advertisement on Times Square. The ad featured  their iconic logo of Coca-Cola by creating space between the letters. The copy read “staying apart is the best way to stay united”. 

Coca-cola is known to create campaigns that connect with people and this ad was one such example of it. 


brand revamping

JKBS altered their teaching and learning pedagogy to hybrid learning as per the COVID-19 protocols and thus launched a new logo.

The new brand identity took the typography approach to showcase the leadership quality of JKBS, by ensuring that each letter is portrayed independently and confidently. ‘K’ is designed to represent quality education by depicting a book with forward looking appearance and ‘BS’ have been merged into the lineage of ‘JK’.  The logo is now the blend of colours – ‘Blue’ reflects confidence, inspiration and wisdom and ‘White’ to highlight purity, safety and cleanliness. 


KFC had to drop its 64-year old slogan “It’s finger lickin’ good” since it does not fit well during the Covid-19 times. KFC communicated through this act that they are socially responsible and do not support promoting wrong messages.

KFC understood the importance of staying relevant and conveying the right message through their action. The brand’s act of eliminating the tagline in itself spoke a lot to the audience. 

Summing Up

In one of the webinars, someone very rightly said, “It is not the time for brands to show their brilliant marketing strategies but to show their integrity”. This statement stands true, especially, in these uncertain and turbulent times. This year has been the most tragic event one might have ever witnessed in their whole life. This was probably the worst time for brands as well. 

The lockdown has affected the economic activity and marketing strategies of the brand. These were not the times for brands to be active in their promotion but to truly portray their integrity and brand values. Customers always connect with brands who make an effort to extend support during troubling times, empathize with the audience and demonstrate their social responsibility well. And a few brands have rightfully taken an appropriate brand revamping approach and the above-mentioned logo revamp examples do state that. If you are someone who is looking to revamp your business in order to meet today’s needs, then look no further. Moshi Moshi is a branding company in India, ready to help you take your business to the next level. 


brand consultation

Brand Consultation And Advertising Agency Defined

Brand Consultation And Advertising Agency Defined 1200 675 Admin

People often confuse branding with advertising and vice versa. The line between the two services is blurred in the eyes of the general public. The two may closely work together, but they are separate and distinctive services. Brand consultation stays by the motto of studying the minds of the target audience first and then trying to position the brand in the right manner. They can do so by taking advantage of the strengths of the brand and the weaknesses of competing brands.brand consultation

Brand Consultation 

Brand consultants try to first understand the nature and objective of the company. They meet the representatives from the company and have several rounds of discussions. They understand the entire history of the company right from vision, mission, short-term goals, long-term goals, USP, brand strengths, brand values, target market, and target customers. After they have gained a thorough understanding of the company, they move towards the process of strategizing. 

Instead of directly communicating your brand’s features and benefits, a brand consultant helps in aligning your brand’s unique value with those people most important to its future, a.k.a. your customers. The brand consultancy also helps companies think through their brand challenges and struggles by making strategy based brand decisions. 

brand consultation

Advertising Agency 

An advertising agency, on the other hand, is a professional service dedicated to providing their clients with marketing and merchandising advice. Advertising agencies are hired to conceive and produce commercial messages including radio, TV, outdoor, internet, print, etc., for their clients. The agency provides a third-party perspective on the selling of the client’s goods or services. They can be hired for producing single commercial messages, or to create a complete 360º ad campaign. 

The typical clients that partake in business with ad agencies are businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, and Government agencies. 

Advertising agencies now have evolved into companies that provide so much more than just ads. They have ventured into full-service agencies that provide a comprehensive menu of services, including branding, direct marketing, social media marketing, sales promotion, package design, product placement, media planning and buying, traffic, event planning, public relations, and sports marketing. 

There are a few key elements that distinguish the two services. 

Branding is Strategic and Advertising is Tactical

Brand consultation largely involves the development of a brand plan or the creation of a blueprint that will drive the brand strategy. They focus on building businesses and brands for long term goals. Brand consultation has a more holistic approach when compared to advertising. To further understand brand strategy, watch our video where we give you our take on it. 

Ad agencies focus on the implementation of strategies and plans. For example, if a brand already has a set image created by brand consultation, advertisers can then use that image as the basis for the brand’s media plans, ads, product design, etc.


Since there are several levels of hierarchy and experts in advertising agencies, the clients generally have to communicate with a set of employees for different requirements. The presence of bureaucracy and inflexibility in their business models can make it frustrating for the client because a lot of time is consumed in this process. 

But in a brand consultancy, a client has one point of contact, who is usually a consultant. This communication structure is not only a convenient option for clients, but it is also very helpful in efficiently achieving goals. 

Area of Expertise 

Brand consultants tend to have expertise in several disciplines. They are trained advisors with experience in several fields who build a broad view of the client’s business and its strategic challenges. Since they have expertise in several fields, they can solve broader business problems. They carry out an audit for your business, industry, systems, processes, and stakeholders. Brand consultants may also assist companies with strategies to improve research and development, sales, production, supply chains, operations, customer relationships, and retention strategies.

Employees at advertising agencies, in contrast, have expertise in a specific field. These agencies consist of creative individuals that excel in creating brand-building ideas, taglines, copywriting, etc. They come up with creative campaigns that quickly catch the attention of the masses. Television, radio, billboards, websites, etc., are used to push these campaigns in order to reach as many people as possible. Ad agencies are rarely asked to provide technical consultancy that may be outside their immediate area of expertise. 

brand consultation

In Conclusion 

With the above attributes, we understand the major differences between advertising and branding. These distinctions can be useful for brands that are looking to hire a consultancy or agency for their business needs.

Advertising agencies and brand consultants both support design and communication. But their main focus on brand strategy differs by either developing the brands or refreshing them. They are equally responsible for the success of those brands at the end of the day. 

When it comes to advertising agency vs brand consultants, brands must look at what their business really needs assistance with. Once they have pinpointed their concern, they can then hire either of these services.

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