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About the Brand

ILIFE is the world’s leading robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer developing products that make home cleaning easier and more efficient.

By taking the load of cleaning your house every day away. ILIFE empowers people to live their best moments each day with their family and enjoy some “Me-Time” as well.

You can find out more about ILIFE on their website:

SEO Campaign Brief

As part of the SEO project with ILIFE, we at Moshi Moshi set a specific target of bringing the brand come to life as one of the most recent search results when anyone would look up robotic vacuum cleaners or a vacuum cleaner in general. The other major goal was to rank all of their products with the most relevant and top searched keywords along with strengthening their branded keywords on Google.


Prevalent Scenario

The keywords being used on their website did not match the industry keywords and as such the search results that came up were only the branded keywords that were rarely searched for, this made our work extremely important, and ranking the right keywords was on top priority.


Our Approach

Just an audit of the website revealed that there was a lot to be done in terms of not only looking for the best keyword mapping opportunity, but a lot was desired for the website in terms of its UI/UX. An on-page optimization coupled with an off-page optimization unraveled the content needed rework and we worked tirelessly on making the best efforts towards creating the right impact for the brand.


The Results

In just over three months 4 major keywords which included ILIFE & ILIFEcare saw a jump from obscurity to being present on the first and second page on Google search.

vacuume cleaner keyword ranking

The most challenging of them all was to cultivate the search results that would help the brand come on the first page and the money maker keyword for us was “robot vacuum cleaner India” this made sure that the brand stood right next to its counterparts and brand visibility increased.

Twelve money keywords of the likes of “cleaning robot India” and “robotic vacuum cleaner” which yield a high value on any search criteria were seen matching our brand on Google’s second page. This helped the brand not only find its feet in the country, but its implications also saw the brand seeing light in other countries too.

In the midst of the ruckus of keyword mapping, keywords like “smart vacuum cleaner“, “self cleaning robot” and “floor cleaning robot India” which could not be missed for the brand saw an entrance on the third page on Google search.

Website traffic improvement through SEO

In the last quarter itself, ILIFE has seen a bump of over 7% unique users on its website, a session increase of 11%, and a reduction of over 13% in bounce rate just by using the above approach.

So, one takeaway for you from this could be that SEO may seem like it is seemingly a side chick of marketing, but it ultimately helps a brand make its mark! No matter how much money you spend on increasing your online reach, it all boils down to if you are ever going to be visible on Google for someone researching or looking for something relevant. So a focus on SEO is a must.

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