SEO Case Study | 1400% Growth in Organic Traffic

SleepyPanda Comforts

SleepyPanda is a new-age mattress company that specializes in orthopedic, natural yoga and memory foam mattresses.
The factor that differentiates SleepyPanda from its competitors has been its low pricing, for the niche products it offers – memory foam, convertible and orthopedic mattresses.

Mattress Market

The mattresses industry in India is largely an unbranded one. With growing importance on the well-being and comfort, companies are gradually starting up with offering mattresses for specific purposes – for back pain, neck pain and for people with health conditions.

Essentially, it’s an under-tapped market segment.


The client needed to create its presence digitally to generate growth in online sales. Sleepy Panda, though not an early entrant, has an edge over its competitors in terms of its aggressive pricing. However, the client wasn’t equipped to tap into the increasing demand for customized beds.

Our Approach

We believe in sticking to ideas that can spur growth or the client’s desired results over a long term. Staying on course with such ideas, we prioritized on sign-ups or sales. Since retail or offline sales were limited to essential needs only, the need of the hour was an effective strategy to make users purchase mattresses online through improved brand awareness and advertising.


Since April ’21, when we started implementing our strategy, there has been a spike of nearly 1400% in new users searching for SP’s products and 600% increase in people visiting the website, resulting in a new goal conversion each day for the period between April and September.

Organic keyword search traffic for SleepyPanda’s products were negligible before April – poor monitoring of data by the previous agency added to the woes regarding online sales.

Top organic keywords list and their rankings

Position Zero ranks:

Bearing results for our efforts, among the several keywords that ranked high, as shown in the image above, three sets of keywords (“5 by 6 bed size in inches”, “6 by 6 bed size in cm India”, “double bed size in feet”) are ranked at Position Zero.

position zero ranks

In the process of increasing their visibility(generating traffic), the content on the website was optimized for its purpose – selling mattresses.


In a matter of 6 months, we were able to build a strong foundation for the future of SP’s online presence, which had a single digit monthly visitors in Apr-May to 6000+ visitors in mid-October. Also, we were able to generate one conversion each day for the entire Apr-Sep period.

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