PR marketing case study - Biesse

PR Marketing Case Study: BIESSE

The Brand

Biesse India is a direct subsidiary of Biesse Group Italy involved in the designing and manufacturing of woodworking machinery in its plants in Bangalore. Biesse develops and produces machinery for the furniture and carpentry industry, and offers a full range of solutions covering the entire industrial processing cycle for wood, wood derivatives, composite materials and non-ferrous alloys.

There are 4 stages for any marketing project to be successful.

  1. Defining the end goal
  2. Characterizing the target audience
  3. Drafting the marketing strategy
  4. Preparing for launch

Let’s have a look at this PR marketing case study for Biesse to witness these 4 stages at work:

PR Objective of Biesse India

The objective of this project was to ensure consistent media presence through proactive media outreach and profiling articles for both the brand and its spokesperson. Our approach was to set up an event based media outreach to get media attention towards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities of the brand.

Target Audience for the brand

The brand is focused on catering two segments of target audience:

a) B2B – Businesses that would require Biesse machines
b) B2C – Profiling as an established brand

PR Strategy for Biesse India

Biesse India was on-boarded for PR at a stage when the brand had to start setting up PR collaterals. At the outset, strategic PR campaigns were suggested along with a PR calendar and execution strategy which are as follows:

– The Company profile and the spokesperson Profile was created first.

– Secondly, multiple press notes were prepared to announce all the press announcements the brand had which was followed by PR events that were conducted in collaboration with various educational institutions.

– Moreover, CSR activities were planned to ensure a good PR presence. The establishment of better media relations was a pivotal part of our PR strategy. It was achieved by going for media rounds and aligning calls & email interactions for the founders.

Key Publications Covered

PR marketing case study

Key conversions with AVE

Publication: The Hindu

Edition: Online

Circulation: 2,50,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 1,80,000/-

Publication: Dainik Jagran

Edition: Delhi

Circulation: 34,00,000

AVE: INR 2,40,000/-

PR case study

Publication: Indian Education Dairy

Edition: Digital

Circulation: 85,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 70,000/-


Publication: Amar Ujala

Edition: Print

Circulation: 1,25,000

AVE: INR 83,750/-

Impact Created Post Project Completion

Biesse India’s CSR activities are getting featured in top media publications. The brand has created enough media awareness and gets consulted by publications for industry level inputs. The brand has developed all PR collaterals like Company Profile, Spokesperson Profile etc.

The brand has managed to create a good mix of own content and credible third-party content online through SEO.

The CEO of Biesse India has had multiple interactions with top publications like The Hindu, The Economic Times and many more which has resulted in the best use of a business’ time and investment.

What problem did we solve?

We created a touch point for the media to get inputs from Biesse and about the brand manufacturing industry as a whole. We also ensured that all PR worthy narratives were highlighted to get maximum media exposure. In addition to that, we familiarized the spokespersons of the brand to handle media exposures and interact with the press

How did we Execute?

  • Multiple press notes were created to communicate each announcement
  • Relevant quote that includes numbers and insights were drafted on behalf of the CEO
  • Instead of using a prepared media list, a media list was developed by shortlisting the most relevant set of journalists and publications
  • Media outreach and media interactions ensured quality conversions and not the press note getting published as it is
  • Press release dissemination were carried out for events to ensure a good mix of regional and mainline conversions

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