Digital Marketing Case Study: Ministry of Ayush

How Moshi Moshi created India’s Biggest Video Blogging Competition for ‘My Life, My Yoga’ campaign that reached 350 million viewers and received 37000+ entries

The Ministry of Ayush, in collaboration with The India Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), launched an online campaign for International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2020. The campaign titled ‘My Life, My Yoga’, an international video-blogging contest was announced by the Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ segment.

The campaign witnessed huge participation from 130+ countries and became India’s largest video blogging competition. As a part of the campaign, participants had to post a 3- minute video on three yogic practices (Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha or Mudra) with #MyLifeMyYoga, and a short video message or description on the influence of these yogic practices in your life.


 Moshi Moshi was approached by The Ministry of Ayush to manage the whole campaign. Moshi Moshi had to create an online buzz about the video-blogging contest through the digital platforms, and boost audience participation.


The main objective of the campaign was to motivate people across the globe to practice Yoga from their homes. Through the campaign, we wanted to raise awareness about Yoga and excite people to participate in the contest.


Every year, thousands of people gather to practice Yoga in public places and celebrate the International Day of Yoga. However, this year, it was impossible to gather people together due to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

The team faced a few limitations: 

  • Bringing behavioral changes in the lifestyle of people to increase engagements and encourage people to shoot participation video
  • Decoding a communication strategy in a chaotic and stressful pandemic situation
  • Planning the whole campaign, formulating video entry mechanism and creating a promotional plan in less than 20 days

The team had to strategically plan the campaign to spread awareness about the contest protocols and design a tactical approach to combat the language barrier for a diverse global audience.


Moshi Moshi team decoded the communication strategy, promoted information about the contest guidelines, and simplified the participation process.

Firstly, we built a web application to streamline the entire participation process. The main motive behind creating a web app was to ensure a seamless flow on the part of the users and provide a hassle-free experience.

MOA Case study
MOA Case study

Building a web app facilitated authentic participation and made it convenient for users to navigate and upload their participation videos. 

Meanwhile, we started promoting the campaign digitally on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We also created Google Ads to increase the reach and drive traffic to the website.

Phase 1 – Introduction of the Campaign

In the first stage, our aim was to introduce the campaign to the audience and entice them to participate.

It was essential to educate them about Yoga, its significance as a part of daily lifestyle and communicate all the contest rules and regulations to the audience in a systematic and simpler way. Thus, we created explainer videos to inform them about the participation process, in context to, using the right hashtags and adhering to the rules and regulations.

We focused our strategy on the already existing lockdown trends regarding the benefits of yoga. We used bright colors in our social creatives to bring a sense of positivity and optimism amongst the audience. And we ensured that the videos were created in both the languages, Hindi and English, to combat the language barrier and easily communicate the participation guidelines.

Phase 2 – Influencer Marketing

In phase 2, we engaged with famous celebrity influencers like Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty, Milind Soman and Anushka Sharma to reach a maximum number of people.

The Influencer Marketing approach helped us spread more awareness about the contest to the audience, through their own idols and gained a lot of traction for the campaign.

Phase 3 – Entice the Audience

We uploaded posts on a continual basis and also started countdown posts to remind the audience of the last few days remaining to participate. Our creatives and content were designed in a way, to urge the audience to be a part of the campaign.

We also sent an Email blast to people, encouraging them to upload their videos and participate in the contest.


The entries of other countries were evaluated by the concerned Indian Missions. The entries received from within the country were screened by 200 yoga experts and 160 videos were shortlisted. Further, a 15-member jury across these categories evaluated the shortlisted entries. 

Our campaign was successful and witnessed 350 million + reach.
·         37K+ Video Entries
·         51660985 views on all social media channels with 4995%
          increase in post reach
·         337208 page views, 468 % increase in page views
·         577% increase in post engagement
·         39000 + followers, 511 % increase in net followers

MOA case study
MOA case study

Isn’t the result impressive? We are glad to be able to get more engagements and for the ones who missed the chance this time, we certainly hope to have your participation next time. Until then, take care of your life by regularly practicing yoga. Remember, this is ‘Our Life, Our Yoga’.

Compiled videos of winners video link –

MOA case study
MOA case study

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