IVF Gangaram – Case Study

Gangaram IVF Hospital Center, New Delhi is one of the leading providers of advanced reproductive health services in India.

Established in 1991, the hospital caters to all types of infertility services ranging from simple medical management to endoscopic surgery to promote fertility and all advanced ART procedures. The hospital is currently the largest and most experienced tertiary medical IVF center in North India.

Website: www.ivfgangaram.in


IVF Gangaram reached out to Moshi Moshi with a primary objective of generating potential leads that would help increase their revenue.

The brand was mainly looking forward to generating sales by implementing Search Engine Marketing Strategy.


During the past few years of dealing with COVID-19, the process of generating quality leads had changed. Bearing this in mind and with an aim to generate higher and more convertible leads, a well-thought Search Engine Marketing  Strategy in the form of Search and Video ads was devised.


COVID-19 being a major source of fear and with plenty of restrictions being made with regards to travel across the country posed as a major challenge to target the right locations. To overcome the same, the location targeting was planned thoroughly and constantly updated based on updated restrictions for movement to generate high-quality convertible leads.


The campaign yielded favorable results. Wherein over a span of 5 months, we generated 4,02,000+ impressions, 10,800+ clicks and maximum leads.

50% of the results obtained were seen from the Video Ads campaign that we ran. A spotting 2,84,695 impressions, 76,128 views and a major share of quality leads were seen from the campaign. Hence proving the importance of Video Ads in the present day scenario.

Over approximately two quarters, we were able to achieve a 5X ROI on the leads generated by the campaign. The brand continues to be satisfied by our service and we hope to have a long lasting relationship over years to come!

If you are thinking of getting quality leads and helping grow your brand to the next level, then Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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