Game On Fitness Social Media Marketing: Case Study

Game On Fitness is a Gym Brand, striving to help you maintain a healthy you. The organization has initiated its journey for a fitter and healthier Bangalore from BTM, focusing on providing a healthy and fit body rather than promoting them as a bodybuilding house. So, box your hurdles towards a healthier you!!

You can have a look at their Facebook Page for more updates.


Game On Fitness approached Moshi Moshi for providing them with a Logo and helping them with their Social Media Marketing, and to enhance their brand awareness to increase their footfall.

Game on Fitness emphasized creating a Logo that would be apt, considering their vision of providing its customers with a fit and athletic body, instead of providing them with a bulky look.


In our quest for Logo designing, the idea was simple, Team Moshi Moshi stick to a lean look while focusing on the gym theme.

Some of the options we provided to our client for Logo are presented below:

Finally, we molded the “G” of “Game on Fitness” into an arm, to make it look obvious that it is a gym and created a running track out of “E”.

This is the Logo, that client finalized at last.

Now, for Social Media Marketing our strategy was clear. We believe Information is the first step in decision making, hence Team Moshi Moshi started with creating their Facebook and Instagram page for accelerating their social media presence.

We decided to come up with an energetic and enthusiastic live video on the cover of their Facebook Page, appealing the viewers to break their sloth and head towards a fitter and better body. This video also gave the audience a gimps inside Game of Fitness’s work-out station showcasing the facilities the gym provides.

Our team is also managing their Social Media Content Strategy. You can visit their Facebook and Instagram page for more insight.

Since Gym happens to be a locally centered business, and it was a new venture coming in the market, Team Moshi Moshi also helped Game On Fitness, to get an edge above its competitors and with Lead Generation. We conducted some Social Media Campaigns and Offline Social Events like Vox-Pop, on the localities near Game On Fitness, to create awareness about the brand and capture the locally centered clients.

Vox-Pop basically refers to the videos that engage with the public directly, interacting with the public or prospective future clients, and creating awareness through a fun and interesting way. Some of the many games included in Vox-Pop comprise, Air Arm Wrestling and Squat Challenge, which were thoroughly enjoyed by participants and the audience.


We also came up with the idea of distributing Free Vouchers, wherein we awarded the winners with “First Week Free Trial”, to help them get more footfall.


The logo came out really cool, exactly matching their demands.


The social media campaigns and offline promotional events for Game On Fitness yielded extremely desirable results. We could generate a lead of 125+ clients during our initial days.

Total video engagement of 6420 views in the past 28 days.

A total number of reach: 88427 and engagement of 5506 during our campaign.

Below is the reach for the last 28 days.

Post engagements of 3893 in the past 28 days.

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