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PR marketing case study - Biesse

PR Marketing Case Study: BIESSE

PR Marketing Case Study: BIESSE 1200 597 Moshi Moshi

The Brand

Biesse India is a direct subsidiary of Biesse Group Italy involved in the designing and manufacturing of woodworking machinery in its plants in Bangalore. Biesse develops and produces machinery for the furniture and carpentry industry, and offers a full range of solutions covering the entire industrial processing cycle for wood, wood derivatives, composite materials and non-ferrous alloys.

There are 4 stages for any marketing project to be successful.

  1. Defining the end goal
  2. Characterizing the target audience
  3. Drafting the marketing strategy
  4. Preparing for launch

Let’s have a look at this PR marketing case study for Biesse to witness these 4 stages at work:

PR Objective of Biesse India

The objective of this project was to ensure consistent media presence through proactive media outreach and profiling articles for both the brand and its spokesperson. Our approach was to set up an event based media outreach to get media attention towards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities of the brand.

Target Audience for the brand

The brand is focused on catering two segments of target audience:

a) B2B – Businesses that would require Biesse machines
b) B2C – Profiling as an established brand

PR Strategy for Biesse India

Biesse India was on-boarded for PR at a stage when the brand had to start setting up PR collaterals. At the outset, strategic PR campaigns were suggested along with a PR calendar and execution strategy which are as follows:

– The Company profile and the spokesperson Profile was created first.

– Secondly, multiple press notes were prepared to announce all the press announcements the brand had which was followed by PR events that were conducted in collaboration with various educational institutions.

– Moreover, CSR activities were planned to ensure a good PR presence. The establishment of better media relations was a pivotal part of our PR strategy. It was achieved by going for media rounds and aligning calls & email interactions for the founders.

Key Publications Covered

PR marketing case study

Key conversions with AVE

Publication: The Hindu

Edition: Online

Circulation: 2,50,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 1,80,000/-

Publication: Dainik Jagran

Edition: Delhi

Circulation: 34,00,000

AVE: INR 2,40,000/-

PR case study

Publication: Indian Education Dairy

Edition: Digital

Circulation: 85,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 70,000/-


Publication: Amar Ujala

Edition: Print

Circulation: 1,25,000

AVE: INR 83,750/-

Impact Created Post Project Completion

Biesse India’s CSR activities are getting featured in top media publications. The brand has created enough media awareness and gets consulted by publications for industry level inputs. The brand has developed all PR collaterals like Company Profile, Spokesperson Profile etc.

The brand has managed to create a good mix of own content and credible third-party content online through SEO.

The CEO of Biesse India has had multiple interactions with top publications like The Hindu, The Economic Times and many more which has resulted in the best use of a business’ time and investment.

What problem did we solve?

We created a touch point for the media to get inputs from Biesse and about the brand manufacturing industry as a whole. We also ensured that all PR worthy narratives were highlighted to get maximum media exposure. In addition to that, we familiarized the spokespersons of the brand to handle media exposures and interact with the press

How did we Execute?

  • Multiple press notes were created to communicate each announcement
  • Relevant quote that includes numbers and insights were drafted on behalf of the CEO
  • Instead of using a prepared media list, a media list was developed by shortlisting the most relevant set of journalists and publications
  • Media outreach and media interactions ensured quality conversions and not the press note getting published as it is
  • Press release dissemination were carried out for events to ensure a good mix of regional and mainline conversions

Moshi Moshi is a multi-specialist agency that utilizes innovation and creativity in crafting effective PR strategies. We design custom-tailored campaigns to accomplish the planned objectives. Our other premium services include Logo, Merchandising, Packaging, and Social Media Campaigns.

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Digital Marketing Case Study: Ministry of Ayush

Digital Marketing Case Study: Ministry of Ayush 1200 675 Moshi Moshi

How Moshi Moshi created India’s Biggest Video Blogging Competition for ‘My Life, My Yoga’ campaign that reached 350 million viewers and received 37000+ entries The Ministry of Ayush, in collaboration with The India Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), launched an online campaign for International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2020. The campaign titled ‘My…
google discover update

Web Stories to Find Space on New Google Discover Update

Web Stories to Find Space on New Google Discover Update 1200 675 Admin

Google Discover Update

In one of its recent blog posts, Google announced the inclusion of web stories- previously known as AMP stories, as a new feature in Google Discover update for all Android and iOS users. Google called these web stories on Discover to be an immersive experience that contains within itself some of the best visual content from across the world directly on the top of the “Discover part of the Google app.”

This Google Discover update is currently available to users in the United States, India and Brazil and Google said that it “intends to expand Web Stories to more countries and Google products” in the future.

The current consumption of these web stories is 800 million people per month.

Google Discover Update

To browse these stories, one has to simply tap on a story on the shelf and the screen changes to a full- screen mode. One can just swipe left or right or click and reach a completely different web story carousel. In India, the Web Stories will be available in Hindi and English.

Why is it useful?

The content of the Web Stories on Discover can be created by anyone whether a creator or a publisher. And the person who posted the story will have a full charge over it. As Google said, “Story authors are in full control of monetization, hosting, sharing and adding links to their Stories” One can also share these stories in the form of a link on other platforms and browsers. This makes these stories different from other social media platforms. Thus this Google discover update will lead to increased traffic offering a very large audience for the story publishers and creators.

Google Discover Update

Google also collaborated with many diverse groups of publishers from the US, India and Brazil to work on the visual and immersive stories.

How does it work?

As per Google data, more than 2000 publishers have already given out Web stories on Discover, that are indexed by Google. With the right technical knowledge, coding stories is easier but to make this process smoother for other users, Google has released extensions to make it user- friendly in the new Google Discover Update. For example, You can just drag and drop a Web Story editor for WordPress and use the default template to insert your content. Web stories can also be created within minutes using the features from MakeStories and NewsroomAI.

A guide on how to create these Web Stories successfully can also be found on the website and on YouTube.

Things to keep in mind

Google has also released a policy page for Web Stories on Discover. The stories you create need to follow the Google Discover norms. In case of violation, the stories can get permanently removed, especially from the richer experience section. Copyrighted content is a strict no. Usage of less number of words is advised. Use animated and visual content. Very low-quality images will not be accepted as it kills the immersive story experience of the users. Other such tips and rules can be found on the Web Stories policy page.

Here’s How to Set up Google Web Stories-

Here is a guide on how you can set the web stories to appear on Google.

Where to find these stories

  • On Google Discover App- Web stories appear on the Discover app in Android and iOS in the United States, India, and Brazil like a carousel on the top of the feed
  • On Google Search– When someone types something, the related web stories appear in a grid view from various publishers. This feature is only available in the US.
  • On Google Images- Web Stories appear in images as well with a web store icon.

Getting started

There are two ways to get started-

1-The first option is for the people who want to create stories without any coding and are comfortable using default templates. Click on any Story Editor Tools and get started.

2- The second option is for the people who are into coding and are familiar with creating AMPs. Make sure you use the Chrome Developer Tools for smoother functioning.

You need to have a valid AMP for the story to give the best experience to users and adhere to policy norms.

Use the Web Stories Google Text tool, the URL inspection tool to check validity.

Verify metadata

For your web stories to appear on Google, you need to provide all the metadata. For this refer to the full list of metadata. Make sure your story appears the right way in the Web Stories Google Test tool and fulfills all the required fields criteria.

Monitor indexing

After verifying and posting, make sure to check whether the story is indexed by Google or not. For this, click on the Index Coverage Report or Sitemaps report. In case the story is not indexed, add your URL directly to the Sitemap. Also, make sure that the URL is not blocked by the Googlebot

Get ready for a visually wholesome experience with this Google Discover update.

Digital Marketing Case Study – Floresta Goa

Digital Marketing Case Study – Floresta Goa 497 249 Admin

Floresta Goa is India’s first BioPhillia Architecture Apartment. Floresta is conceptualized and designed for those who seek to live in the wilderness, for those with a green heart, for those who embrace the idea of co-existing with our eco-system and all those who are re-thinking of the way we choose our spaces in the city.

To find out more about Floresta Goa, visit their website:

Given below is the Digital Marketing case study of Floresta Goa.


Floresta Goa approached Moshi Moshi for digital marketing and for website designing. The objective was to increase brand awareness and lead generation to sell their apartments in Goa. The target group was the people across PAN India, who were looking for holiday homes and who wanted to invest in properties.


Moshi Moshi team planned the Floreta Goa’s website in a way that it depicts the surrounding of the apartment. We came up with an idea of showcasing the actual path from the sea to the apartment. i.e., how it is only 600 meters away from the delightful shoreline and surrounded by nature.

Now for Social Media Marketing, our strategy was clear. We concentrated on Brand Awareness at first by making posts on the amenities of the apartment and about the location depicting why Floresta Goa is different from other apartments.

Step 1. Location Introduction Video

Step 2. The Introduction Post On Social Media Platforms

Step 3. Post Showcasing The Amenities 


Step 4. Social Media Posts Related To Offers

We started the lead generation campaign on Facebook and the response received from the campaign was impressive. There were two campaigns for Floresta Goa, the first campaign was about the offer of flat Rs.7 Lacs off on all the apartments and the other was a curiosity campaign that evoked curiosity among the viewers which directly lead them to the website.

For accelerating their presence on Google Search we ran Google Ads in the form of Display Ads and Search Ads.


The Social Media campaigns and Google Ads for Floresta Goa yielded desirable results.

Overall we managed to generate more than 750 leads in just 70 days which includes more than 150 relevant leads from Google Adwords, 600 leads from Facebook, and 12 leads on LinkedIn.

From Facebook Campaigns, around 192,816 total reach and 400,110 impressions are generated.




Through the Facebook campaign, the post engagement and post reach has been increased by 82% and 46% respectively.

The Unique and concise Social Media content that we devised for Floresta Goa helped them in the conversion of leads.

Moshi Moshi is one of the fastest-growing Ad Agency in Bengaluru which offers creative solutions to your business.

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Google Ads Case Study – Wega Cabs – 100% Increase in CTR

Google Ads Case Study – Wega Cabs – 100% Increase in CTR 497 249 Admin


Wega Cabs is an airport taxi service in Bangalore offering hassle-free rides. The company’s vision is to provide a seamless ride experience for the customers and the drivers to get around quickly and safely. They achieve this through their affordable price strategy, high standard of service, and a reliable cabs service. The taxi bookings can be done through the website or through the 24/7 customer service number.

For more details, visit:


Wega Cabs, being an online taxi booking company, their aim was to increase the number of taxi bookings for the business. They approached Moshi Moshi to help them gain more customers and increase their conversions, through Search Engine Marketing. Our approach began by optimizing the right keywords, ad extensions, and efficiently executing the campaigns. The campaigns were devised for 45 days.


Moshi Moshi’s goal is to increase the leads i.e the number of taxi bookings for Wega Cabs. The challenge here was to attract potential customers over other competitors and make them take action on the website/ or through a phone call. Here, the action being booking a taxi.

Moshi Moshi created Google ads Search campaigns for Wega Cabs, with Lead Generation being the campaign objective. In the campaigns, Search Ads were created to attract customers to the booking site and Call ads were created to book the taxi service conveniently through phone calls.

Campaigns were strategized and, the irrelevant searches were decreased using specific keywords,  to improve the conversation rate.


1. Growth Insights

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) – increased by 107%

Prior to the campaign, Wega cabs generated 8.15% click-through rate (CTR). After devising the campaign strategy on the same spending budget, the click through rate (CTR) has now increased to 17.52%, with 25% increase in the cab bookings.

Through Search Text Ads and Call Ads, we were also able to target the ads to a more relevant audience and generate the maximum number of leads for the business at a minimum cost per lead.

2. Auction Insights

  • Impression share – Increased by 130%

At the end of the campaign, Wega cabs were able to achieve 75.9% Impression share from 32.93%.

  • Ad position – Avg 1.9 position

The average Ad position is maintained at 1.9 positions and is now on the top of the Search engine page.

The Auction insight graph displays the clicks, impressions, CTR, and the ad position during the campaign period.

3. Conversions

Overall, In the 45 days campaign, Wega cabs have gained 25% more leads, with the same spending plan as prior to the campaign, yielding a good Return on Investment (ROI) for the business.

The unique and specific keywords, ad extensions strategy that Moshi Moshi devised for Wega Cabs, helped the business gain more customers, thereby, increasing the conversion rate.

The key takes away from the campaign would be to align the campaign goals, with the behaviors of the customers and to include specific keywords, Ad word extensions. It is also crucial to target the right locations along with the timely delivery of the campaigns.

Moshi Moshi is a Creative Ad Agency in Bengaluru with young professionals meeting business needs along with the changing trends of the Advertising Industry.

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BIESSE Case Study

BIESSE Case Study 497 249 Moshi Moshi


BIESSE India, a direct subsidiary of the BIESSE Group is one of the largest producers of woodworking machinery in India.

The Company designs manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors, and wood building components manufacturers. In recent times, it has also been active in the plastic processing machinery sector and developing ad-hoc solutions for a growing market.



BIESSE India approached Moshi Moshi with a primary objective to increase sales. 

The brand wanted to create an online presence through branding and sales campaigns, all over India, by implementing Search Engine Marketing Strategy.


Working for BIESSE was quite an interesting and informative venture for our team. With an aim to generate leads and sales, we built an effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy by creating search ads.

Since Biesse’s products cater to the large scale production industry, our major challenge was to tackle irrelevant searches. The keywords used were overlapping with other small scale and retail businesses. 

To overcome this challenge, we used specialized keywords to target the right customers. We also initiated branding and remarketing through video and display ads,


We achieved favorable results through our campaigns. In a span of 6 months, our campaigns generated  67K+Clicks, 821K+ Impressions, 8.19% Click Through Rate, 46.19% Search Impression Share Rate, and maximum leads. 

If you are thinking of taking your brand to the next level by keeping your customers engaged and excited about your products, then Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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Digital Marketing Case Study: Uniso

Digital Marketing Case Study: Uniso 497 249 Admin

Uniso is a one-stop-shop for finding unique gifts, fashionable accessories, imported home decor, uber-cool stationery products, and much more.

Uniso now has several stores in Bangalore in Jayanagar, VV Puram, Kanakapura Road and Yelahanka.

You can find out more about Uniso on their website:


Uniso, as aforementioned, is a retail chain. They wanted to work with Moshi Moshi for the initial branding of their Jayanagar Flagship store. The objective was to increase brand awareness and to increase footfall in the Jayanagar Store.

Their requirements also were for Social Media campaigns.


Uniso suggested that we go ahead and devise our own strategies that would help them fulfill their requirements.

So based on this, we devised social media campaigns and some offline promotional events.

We realized that in terms of their online presence, the content was something that needed to be worked upon.

For Social Media and Online Branding, we made an introductory video for Uniso. The video was basically an introduction to Uniso, their product range, their store location, and other such things.

We then moved on to make a series of stop motion videos featuring their products.

As for Instagram and Facebook posting, we made colorful mockups for featuring Uniso products. We also included short and attractive content, describing the product.

For Offline Branding, We made a Voxpop Video. Voxpop Video basically refers to videos that engage with the public directly. The Voxpop video was conducted on the day of launch.

The Voxpop video involved Team Moshi Moshi conducting fun games and distributing vouchers worth  Rs 300, Rs 500 and Rs 1000. We distributed around 150 vouchers.

One of the many games in the Voxpop included ‘Guess the product’ which involved the participant to correctly guess what the product is. The intention here was to bring out the uniqueness of Uniso products.


The Social Media Campaign and the offline promotional events for Uniso yielded extremely desirable results.

In terms of online platforms, our social media strategy and content revisions helped Uniso garner more likes.

Total Minutes of Video Engagement

The Total Engagement as recorded from 5th July to 13th August was 6.5 K.

The Total Number of Reach:  1,50,000.

Facebook Engagement (as seen in likes, comments, and reactions) was also seen to increase by a great number. The Total engagement rate was seen to be increase by 44%.

The Unique and concise Social Media content that we devised for Uniso also helped them in  Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

So, one takeaway for you from this could be that content is the ultimate king! No matter how much money you spend on increasing your online reach, it all boils down to the content. So focus on your content and your social media is sorted.

Moshi Moshi is creative branding company in Bangalore. We offer you premium branding services like Logo, Merchandising, Packaging and Social Media Campaigns.

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ban on pubg

All You Need to Know About India’s Ban on PUBG Mobile

All You Need to Know About India’s Ban on PUBG Mobile 800 450 Moshi Moshi
ban on pubg

Just when we thought that 2020 has had enough, the Government of India along with The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology declared a ban of 118 more Chinese apps on 2nd September. The Government of India has issued a press release, alleging that these apps have engaged in activities that are “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”. 

So far, 224 Chinese apps have been banned for having “malicious intent”. The bans have resulted due to the frictions on the India-China border and because The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology received several complains from various sources that there had been misuses of user data. Several of the banned apps have been alleged for stealing and transmitting user data to locations outside of India, which may threaten national security and defence of India. 

PUBG – the highly popular gaming app is one amongst the apps banned by the Government. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game, developed and published by PUBG Corporation. The game revolves around 100 players parachuting onto an island where they must survive by killing other players and scavenging for weapons and equipment. To add elements of challenge, the area available for safety decreases in size as the game progresses. The player or team that survives, wins the round. 

The game was a hit amongst young teenagers and PUBG Mobile was downloaded over 600 million times. 

The announcement of the ban on pubg has left the internet divided. Some believe that this was a well strategized move from the Indian Government, whereas others think that banning this app will solve nothing. 

Many PUBG fans may be heartbroken but several have recovered and are now sharing hilarious memes through the internet. Fans have taken over twitter with their memes on how parents must be feeling about the ban on pubg since children are addicted to the game.

Fans can still play PUBG

There’s a way around everything! According to the press release, only PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been banned by the Indian Government. The Government will allow gamers to access the parent game PUBG since PUBG Corporation is located in South Korea and so is their server. It does not have any Chinese connections which satisfy the Government’s ban requirements. 

The PC version of the game can still be accessed by fans. They just cannot use the mobile version anymore. 

But this too comes with a catch. Unlike the mobile version, PUBG on PC is paid. But if fans are strictly looking for free versions of the game, they can access PUBG Lite for PC which offers a similar gaming experience. 

This may not be the ideal application for some fans but there are still some benefits in opting for the PC version. Fans can access impressive graphics on laptops and desktops which will give them a better gaming experience.

Alternative games?

In the list, several other battle royale apps like Ride Out Heroes, Rules of Survival, Cyber Hunter are also banned. But, here are a few alternatives fans and gamers might want to try.

Call of Duty

Go back to OG games! Call of Duty is one of the oldest franchises in First-Person shooter game genre. The game was originally released in 2003 so several 90s kids played this game during their adolescents. Their latest version,  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019. Some of the features offered in the new version are cross play, free maps and modes, and new engine deliver. 

The mobile version of Call of Duty has a similar set up as PUBG. Up to a 100 players jump into a familiar battlefield with identifiable guns and characters. The game offers an immersive experience with its strong graphics. It has a total rating of 4.8 on Apple App store and takes 1.9GB worth of space. It takes 1.5GB space on Android smartphones and the game has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play Store with a total rating of 4.5. 

call of duty warzone - pubg banned

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved was released on 2nd June 2015. Unlike most battle royale games, Ark has 80 dinosaurs that need to be trained and tamed. These dinosaurs are available on water, air, land and underground. Gamers can play solo or join a tribe to craft weapons, clothes and other items for survival. 

Some of the platforms gamers can play this game on are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. The game has a total rating of 4.5 on the Apple App Store and requires 2GB of space. With more than 10 million downloads, Ark has a rating of 4 and takes 2.4GB worth of space.

Garena Free fire

Yet another popular alternative to PUBG if Garena Free Fire. This is a multiplayer game that was initially released on 30 September 2017. This game is developed by 111 Dots Studio and can be played on Android and iOS devices. It received the award for “Best Popular Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.

Garena Free fire follows a 10-minute survival shooter game format. The game is fast-paced since the player is put on an island with 49 other players and they must kill to survive. This game also lets gamers land their parachute anywhere and drive vehicles, just like PUBG. Gamers can play the game solo or along with a “squad” with a total of 4 players. A wide array of weapons are always given to users with every update. 

The game has a total rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store with more than 500 million downloads and only takes up to 580MB of space on Android devices. The game also has a total rating of 4 on Apple App store and takes 1.4 GB of space.

With the ban on pubg and several other Chinese apps, the Government wishes to see homegrown applications for otherwise popular apps across categories and genres. Niti Aayog has launched the Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge where developers are given the push to launch apps, to win various cash awards and incentives. They wish to see these applications potentially scale and become world-class apps in their respective categories.

Game On Fitness Social Media Marketing: Case Study

Game On Fitness Social Media Marketing: Case Study 355 251 Admin

Game On Fitness is a Gym Brand, striving to help you maintain a healthy you. The organization has initiated its journey for a fitter and healthier Bangalore from BTM, focusing on providing a healthy and fit body rather than promoting them as a bodybuilding house. So, box your hurdles towards a healthier you!!

You can have a look at their Facebook Page for more updates.


Game On Fitness approached Moshi Moshi for providing them with a Logo and helping them with their Social Media Marketing, and to enhance their brand awareness to increase their footfall.

Game on Fitness emphasized creating a Logo that would be apt, considering their vision of providing its customers with a fit and athletic body, instead of providing them with a bulky look.


In our quest for Logo designing, the idea was simple, Team Moshi Moshi stick to a lean look while focusing on the gym theme.

Some of the options we provided to our client for Logo are presented below:

Finally, we molded the “G” of “Game on Fitness” into an arm, to make it look obvious that it is a gym and created a running track out of “E”.

This is the Logo, that client finalized at last.

Now, for Social Media Marketing our strategy was clear. We believe Information is the first step in decision making, hence Team Moshi Moshi started with creating their Facebook and Instagram page for accelerating their social media presence.

We decided to come up with an energetic and enthusiastic live video on the cover of their Facebook Page, appealing the viewers to break their sloth and head towards a fitter and better body. This video also gave the audience a gimps inside Game of Fitness’s work-out station showcasing the facilities the gym provides.

Our team is also managing their Social Media Content Strategy. You can visit their Facebook and Instagram page for more insight.

Since Gym happens to be a locally centered business, and it was a new venture coming in the market, Team Moshi Moshi also helped Game On Fitness, to get an edge above its competitors and with Lead Generation. We conducted some Social Media Campaigns and Offline Social Events like Vox-Pop, on the localities near Game On Fitness, to create awareness about the brand and capture the locally centered clients.

Vox-Pop basically refers to the videos that engage with the public directly, interacting with the public or prospective future clients, and creating awareness through a fun and interesting way. Some of the many games included in Vox-Pop comprise, Air Arm Wrestling and Squat Challenge, which were thoroughly enjoyed by participants and the audience.


We also came up with the idea of distributing Free Vouchers, wherein we awarded the winners with “First Week Free Trial”, to help them get more footfall.


The logo came out really cool, exactly matching their demands.


The social media campaigns and offline promotional events for Game On Fitness yielded extremely desirable results. We could generate a lead of 125+ clients during our initial days.

Total video engagement of 6420 views in the past 28 days.

A total number of reach: 88427 and engagement of 5506 during our campaign.

Below is the reach for the last 28 days.

Post engagements of 3893 in the past 28 days.

Moshi Moshi is a Creative Branding and Digital Marketing Ad agency  in Bangalore, which offers Premium Branding Services like Logo, tagline, packaging and Digital Media Campaigns.

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Branding and Digital Marketing Case Study: S4 Fitness

Branding and Digital Marketing Case Study: S4 Fitness 619 414 Admin

A solid brand identity is not less than a strong bridge connecting the organization with its potential clients. It builds public’s conscious and subconscious opinion for the organization as a whole.

S4 Fitness is a Gym Brand, striving to help you attain a healthier and fitter body. They are working towards a healthier and energetic Bangalore, and started their voyage from Jayanagar, and provides 10+ services, including Hardcore Workout, Yoga Classes, Zumba etc. You name it and they have it.

S4 Fitness approached Moshi Moshi to help them in creating its Brand Identity and improve their Social Media Presence, so as to increase their brand awareness. And Gym being a locally centered business, S4 Fitness wanted to switch to Digital Marketing for getting more footfall.


In the quest to creatively picking a Brand Logo for S4 Fitness, the idea of Team Moshi Moshi was simple. We decided to give the brand a powerful and energetic look, which can justify the vision of the organization and the services it offer.

The various logo designs created by Team Moshi Moshi are below:

Finally, we transformed the ‘4’ into a lightening energy symbol, which gives the brand an energetic look, and also making it obvious from the Logo that its a Gym Brand. The Logo finally selected by S4 Fitness is displayed below.

In order to give an added edge to the brand from its competitors, and provide a unique look to the Gym, Team Moshi Moshi helped S4 Fitness with Environmental Graphics Designing.

It helps in connecting the ambiance of the organization with its Brand. Team Moshi Moshi created various wall graphics for the gym, which are catchy in look and also motivates the people working out. Environmental Graphics Designing helps in binding the visitors with S4 Fitness and enhancing their loyalty towards the brand.

While creating the Wall Graphics for S4 Fitness, Team Moshi Moshi focused on providing an energetic and enthusiastic ambiance, which could motivate the visitors to come and work-out daily. Here, Team Moshi Moshi decided to display quirky motivational quotes on the walls.  We opted for a bold bulky look for the ambiance and stick to dark shades for the graphics and energetic Yellow color for the background.

Some of our Environmental Graphics Designing work is displayed below:


In order to increase the Social Media Presence of S4 Fitness, Team Moshi Moshi decided to revamp its Facebook Page & also created the cover photo in context with the theme of the Gym.

Since the brand offers approximately 10+ fitness services under its roof. Team Moshi Moshi tried to display a glimpse of them on its Facebook cover page. We stick to the theme and vibes of the gym while designing the same and opted for energetic Yellow and bold black, in our color palate.

With all the ideas and strategies put together, the Facebook Cover Page finally comes out like this:

As the world is rapidly switching to Instagram, so, in order to increase more and more brand awareness, Team Moshi Moshi brought the brand on the Instagram platform too.

You can have a look at their Instagram page by clicking on the link below:


Team Moshi Moshi is currently handling both the Social Media Platforms of S4 Fitness and also helping them in lead generation, through Facebook and Google Ads.

You can check its Facebook page by clicking on the link below:



The logo came out really energetic and power-packed, exactly matching the demands of the client.

The Social Media Campaigns and Environmental Graphics designing, for S4 Fitness, yielded extremely desirable results. We could generate 70+ leads till now.

Moshi Moshi is a Creative Branding Agency in Bangalore, offering Premium Branding Services like Logo, tagline, packaging, and Social Media Campaigns.

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