Social Media Case Study: Evantha


Evantha is a Bangalore based real estate company established in 2012. Although being a fairly young company, the roots that it has in the field of construction stretch to about 5 decades.

The main goal of the brand is to provide real estate solutions to an elite clientele who seek to revel in a boutique-homes lifestyle. Evantha has a reliable track record of happy families settled in homes across various locations in Bangalore.



Evantha all set to start out its venture in the royal city of Mysore with its new 13.65acre spread properties Hasiru reached out to Moshi Moshi with the main objective to create brand awareness, engagement around social channels and generate leads for the project in the new city.


Effective paid media campaigns were implemented The Moshi Moshi minds got together and ran a very simple yet effective “Comment and stand a chance to win” contest to help grow the brand’s followers on their Instagram channel and increase overall engagement.

The contest was planned around Christmas, with 1000 Rs. Amazon vouchers as gratification to winners. There’s only one major thing to bear in mind while planning any type of contest.

Simplicity of the contest

Never elaborate or complicate a contest. Try to get users to not do more than 3 things at a time and have those steps effectively communicated through your post. Most brands follow this principle to get the most out of the contest. Hence, we choose to focus on increasing the follower base and engagement for the brand.

As seen in the image above, the creative just speaks about the contest, the question and the gratification. Meanwhile, the steps to win are concisely defined in the caption with minimum steps provided.

The contest ran for a period of 10 days and winners were announced on Christmas.


The contest yielded promising results wherein during the contest period the brand was able to reach out to 15,500+ accounts which was 133% greater when compared to the beginning of the month.

There was also a 2103% increase in the content interactions, of which just 14.3% of the interactions were as a result of running paid boosts while the remaining 85.7% were organic results. Also, there was a 2301% increase in the overall post interactions and a whopping total of 399 comments on the brand’s channel.

The brand also saw a considerable growth in this number of followers by about 165 over a span of 10 days and it continues to grow.

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