Capital Now – Case Study

Capital Now is one of the topmost and rising instant personal loan providers in India. The business caters to provide its clients with a hassle-free money lending experience. The app works on powerful and stringent screening AI technology that helps quicken up query replication time and conserves time thereby helping in processing loans at a much faster pace. Hence, currently being one of the top loan apps that process loan applications within 10 minutes of application!



Capital Now reached out to Moshi Moshi with a primary objective to help establish presence across social media and increase their app-installs.

Over the first quarter, our team helped the brand increase it’s app installs to reach around 4L+ installs. But the brand noticed there was a reduced number of loans being disbursed and reached out to us for help.

Our Moshi Moshi team strongly suggested to go ahead with a giveaway campaign across social owing to the year end being the best time for such a campaign.


To work with Capital Now has been quite an exciting venture for the team. Bearing our primary objective of increasing in-app actions and loans being disbursed, we came up with an idea to host a giveaway on the brand’s Instagram profile. The giveaway included social boosts to help reach larger segments of audience.

The giveaway was planned during the year end festivities wherein an average consumer is on a shopping spree. The winners were given a chance to win an “iPhone 13”.

The campaign included the following phases: Contest Announcement, Excite, Educate, Engage and Winner announcement

  • Contest Announcement- This was created to let the users and audience know about the give away. The announcement was done in the form of a static to get users to press that 🔔icon

  • Excite and Educate –Now that users know about the giveaway, the next step is to make them more interested and open up the registrations for the contest. This was done using a small teaser that gave them a reason as to why they needed to take part in the giveaway. And educate them on the steps to be taken to stand a chance to win.

Launch Announcement – Done in Reels format

Rules applicable for the giveaway were clearly defined on the website and all social posts:

  • Like and follow the Instagram & Facebook page of CapitalNow
  • Apply for a loan from CapitalNow
  • Re-share the post on your story and tag 5 friends & CapitalNow
  • Only the participants who fulfill the above criteria will be eligible for the contest
  • The contest ends on Dec 30,2021
  • First winner will be announced on Dec 27th and the Second winner will be announced on Jan 3rd
  1. Engage – The most crucial step during a giveaway is to be present all the time! Users will need constant clarification along the way.
  2. Winner Announcements- Lastly it’s extremely important to let users know when the contest gets over and winners deserve to be put across on the limelight and that’s what we did.

Difficulties faced:

The major difficulty being faced during the contest was that people would forget to re-share the post on their stories after having taken the loans. This issue was overcome by reaching out to the applicants and informing them about the step that was missed.


The campaign helped yield favorable results wherein we were able to reach 1,67,700+ accounts.

The brand also saw an increase in the number of loans disbursed during the period of the campaign by nearly 31.56% when compared to the previous month.

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