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Animation at Moshi Moshi!

Storytelling is an art and an animated video helps you tell a story in a visually appealing way.

Whether you are an innovative app development company or a finance solution platform, you may have huge amounts of data, complex modules, or features that keep updating every now and then.

Hence, it is essential to use a fun and exciting technique to explain complex data in a simple way. This is where we act as your facilitator. We help you to not only communicate your services well but also reach a larger customer base.

How does our animation process work?

1. Scripting

A good script is a crucial element in making an exciting animated film. To write a good script, we first understand your data and messaging. Basis this, we segregate the complex data to simplify it for the viewers. Then, we work on an appropriate storyline with all the intricate details consisting of characters, backgrounds, transitions, audio, etc.

Ref – Zoom Car Scripts

2. Story Boarding

A storyboard is a process of representing your idea and script in the form of pictures. Once the script is approved, we transfer the script into an illustration. The characters are put on a paper in the form of sketches that provide a basic understanding of how the script will look along with the backgrounds, moments, etc. It is basically a visual representation of how your animated video or film will appear.

Story boarding

3. Visual Theme

Once the storyboard is finalized, the next step involves working on the theme of the entire video. At this stage, we decide on the colors, layouts, font designs, character designs, background colour, etc. This gives a fair idea of the theme and consistency being followed in the video.
Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme
Visual theme

4. Animation

Now is the most exciting stage. Here, all the visual elements are depicted through the process of animation. This is the first look of your animated video with characters and backgrounds. Once this is approved, we work on the entire animation as per the storyboard.

5. Visual Effects

In case your animation video needs visual effects, then the necessary visual effects are added to the video.
Effects Animation

6. Edit and Sound

Editing involves deleting the unnecessary parts and working on the sound effects. In this stage, the sound is added to your video and the required edits are done. For example, when the character is opening a door; the appropriate sound of the door that matches the visual will be added.
Edit and Sound

7. Voice Over and Final Delivery

After the entire video is done, we add the rough voice-over to the video. Once this is approved, we work on an original voice-over and deliver the final video.
Voice Over and Final delivery

Why us?

Now you will think, what is different between us and the other animation video makers. Well, as we mentioned above, we are storytellers with creative minds. We not only are going to simplify your information, but we are going to weave it along with a nice story, that people would want to watch again and again, and that is how they will remember us, and of course you! It’s a win-win!
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