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January 2022

Social Media Case Study: Evantha

Social Media Case Study: Evantha 1536 864 Moshi Moshi


Evantha is a Bangalore based real estate company established in 2012. Although being a fairly young company, the roots that it has in the field of construction stretch to about 5 decades.

The main goal of the brand is to provide real estate solutions to an elite clientele who seek to revel in a boutique-homes lifestyle. Evantha has a reliable track record of happy families settled in homes across various locations in Bangalore.



Evantha all set to start out its venture in the royal city of Mysore with its new 13.65acre spread properties Hasiru reached out to Moshi Moshi with the main objective to create brand awareness, engagement around social channels and generate leads for the project in the new city.


Effective paid media campaigns were implemented The Moshi Moshi minds got together and ran a very simple yet effective “Comment and stand a chance to win” contest to help grow the brand’s followers on their Instagram channel and increase overall engagement.

The contest was planned around Christmas, with 1000 Rs. Amazon vouchers as gratification to winners. There’s only one major thing to bear in mind while planning any type of contest.

Simplicity of the contest

Never elaborate or complicate a contest. Try to get users to not do more than 3 things at a time and have those steps effectively communicated through your post. Most brands follow this principle to get the most out of the contest. Hence, we choose to focus on increasing the follower base and engagement for the brand.

As seen in the image above, the creative just speaks about the contest, the question and the gratification. Meanwhile, the steps to win are concisely defined in the caption with minimum steps provided.

The contest ran for a period of 10 days and winners were announced on Christmas.


The contest yielded promising results wherein during the contest period the brand was able to reach out to 15,500+ accounts which was 133% greater when compared to the beginning of the month.

There was also a 2103% increase in the content interactions, of which just 14.3% of the interactions were as a result of running paid boosts while the remaining 85.7% were organic results. Also, there was a 2301% increase in the overall post interactions and a whopping total of 399 comments on the brand’s channel.

The brand also saw a considerable growth in this number of followers by about 165 over a span of 10 days and it continues to grow.

Are you struggling to get your brand noticed on social channels, then Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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IVF Gangaram – Case Study

IVF Gangaram – Case Study 1200 675 Moshi Moshi

Gangaram IVF Hospital Center, New Delhi is one of the leading providers of advanced reproductive health services in India.

Established in 1991, the hospital caters to all types of infertility services ranging from simple medical management to endoscopic surgery to promote fertility and all advanced ART procedures. The hospital is currently the largest and most experienced tertiary medical IVF center in North India.



IVF Gangaram reached out to Moshi Moshi with a primary objective of generating potential leads that would help increase their revenue.

The brand was mainly looking forward to generating sales by implementing Search Engine Marketing Strategy.


During the past few years of dealing with COVID-19, the process of generating quality leads had changed. Bearing this in mind and with an aim to generate higher and more convertible leads, a well-thought Search Engine Marketing  Strategy in the form of Search and Video ads was devised.


COVID-19 being a major source of fear and with plenty of restrictions being made with regards to travel across the country posed as a major challenge to target the right locations. To overcome the same, the location targeting was planned thoroughly and constantly updated based on updated restrictions for movement to generate high-quality convertible leads.


The campaign yielded favorable results. Wherein over a span of 5 months, we generated 4,02,000+ impressions, 10,800+ clicks and maximum leads.

50% of the results obtained were seen from the Video Ads campaign that we ran. A spotting 2,84,695 impressions, 76,128 views and a major share of quality leads were seen from the campaign. Hence proving the importance of Video Ads in the present day scenario.

Over approximately two quarters, we were able to achieve a 5X ROI on the leads generated by the campaign. The brand continues to be satisfied by our service and we hope to have a long lasting relationship over years to come!

If you are thinking of getting quality leads and helping grow your brand to the next level, then Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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Capital Now – Case Study

Capital Now – Case Study 1200 675 Moshi Moshi

Capital Now is one of the topmost and rising instant personal loan providers in India. The business caters to provide its clients with a hassle-free money lending experience. The app works on powerful and stringent screening AI technology that helps quicken up query replication time and conserves time thereby helping in processing loans at a much faster pace. Hence, currently being one of the top loan apps that process loan applications within 10 minutes of application!



Capital Now reached out to Moshi Moshi with a primary objective to help establish presence across social media and increase their app-installs.

Over the first quarter, our team helped the brand increase it’s app installs to reach around 4L+ installs. But the brand noticed there was a reduced number of loans being disbursed and reached out to us for help.

Our Moshi Moshi team strongly suggested to go ahead with a giveaway campaign across social owing to the year end being the best time for such a campaign.


To work with Capital Now has been quite an exciting venture for the team. Bearing our primary objective of increasing in-app actions and loans being disbursed, we came up with an idea to host a giveaway on the brand’s Instagram profile. The giveaway included social boosts to help reach larger segments of audience.

The giveaway was planned during the year end festivities wherein an average consumer is on a shopping spree. The winners were given a chance to win an “iPhone 13”.

The campaign included the following phases: Contest Announcement, Excite, Educate, Engage and Winner announcement

  • Contest Announcement- This was created to let the users and audience know about the give away. The announcement was done in the form of a static to get users to press that 🔔icon

  • Excite and Educate –Now that users know about the giveaway, the next step is to make them more interested and open up the registrations for the contest. This was done using a small teaser that gave them a reason as to why they needed to take part in the giveaway. And educate them on the steps to be taken to stand a chance to win.

Launch Announcement – Done in Reels format

Rules applicable for the giveaway were clearly defined on the website and all social posts:

  • Like and follow the Instagram & Facebook page of CapitalNow
  • Apply for a loan from CapitalNow
  • Re-share the post on your story and tag 5 friends & CapitalNow
  • Only the participants who fulfill the above criteria will be eligible for the contest
  • The contest ends on Dec 30,2021
  • First winner will be announced on Dec 27th and the Second winner will be announced on Jan 3rd
  1. Engage – The most crucial step during a giveaway is to be present all the time! Users will need constant clarification along the way.
  2. Winner Announcements- Lastly it’s extremely important to let users know when the contest gets over and winners deserve to be put across on the limelight and that’s what we did.

Difficulties faced:

The major difficulty being faced during the contest was that people would forget to re-share the post on their stories after having taken the loans. This issue was overcome by reaching out to the applicants and informing them about the step that was missed.


The campaign helped yield favorable results wherein we were able to reach 1,67,700+ accounts.

The brand also saw an increase in the number of loans disbursed during the period of the campaign by nearly 31.56% when compared to the previous month.

Stuck with how to grow your brand to the next level, then Moshi Moshi is right at your service.

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PR marketing case study - Biesse

PR Marketing Case Study: BIESSE

PR Marketing Case Study: BIESSE 1200 597 Moshi Moshi

The Brand

Biesse India is a direct subsidiary of Biesse Group Italy involved in the designing and manufacturing of woodworking machinery in its plants in Bangalore. Biesse develops and produces machinery for the furniture and carpentry industry, and offers a full range of solutions covering the entire industrial processing cycle for wood, wood derivatives, composite materials and non-ferrous alloys.

There are 4 stages for any marketing project to be successful.

  1. Defining the end goal
  2. Characterizing the target audience
  3. Drafting the marketing strategy
  4. Preparing for launch

Let’s have a look at this PR marketing case study for Biesse to witness these 4 stages at work:

PR Objective of Biesse India

The objective of this project was to ensure consistent media presence through proactive media outreach and profiling articles for both the brand and its spokesperson. Our approach was to set up an event based media outreach to get media attention towards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities of the brand.

Target Audience for the brand

The brand is focused on catering two segments of target audience:

a) B2B – Businesses that would require Biesse machines
b) B2C – Profiling as an established brand

PR Strategy for Biesse India

Biesse India was on-boarded for PR at a stage when the brand had to start setting up PR collaterals. At the outset, strategic PR campaigns were suggested along with a PR calendar and execution strategy which are as follows:

– The Company profile and the spokesperson Profile was created first.

– Secondly, multiple press notes were prepared to announce all the press announcements the brand had which was followed by PR events that were conducted in collaboration with various educational institutions.

– Moreover, CSR activities were planned to ensure a good PR presence. The establishment of better media relations was a pivotal part of our PR strategy. It was achieved by going for media rounds and aligning calls & email interactions for the founders.

Key Publications Covered

PR marketing case study

Key conversions with AVE

Publication: The Hindu

Edition: Online

Circulation: 2,50,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 1,80,000/-

Publication: Dainik Jagran

Edition: Delhi

Circulation: 34,00,000

AVE: INR 2,40,000/-

PR case study

Publication: Indian Education Dairy

Edition: Digital

Circulation: 85,000 impressions daily

AVE: INR 70,000/-


Publication: Amar Ujala

Edition: Print

Circulation: 1,25,000

AVE: INR 83,750/-

Impact Created Post Project Completion

Biesse India’s CSR activities are getting featured in top media publications. The brand has created enough media awareness and gets consulted by publications for industry level inputs. The brand has developed all PR collaterals like Company Profile, Spokesperson Profile etc.

The brand has managed to create a good mix of own content and credible third-party content online through SEO.

The CEO of Biesse India has had multiple interactions with top publications like The Hindu, The Economic Times and many more which has resulted in the best use of a business’ time and investment.

What problem did we solve?

We created a touch point for the media to get inputs from Biesse and about the brand manufacturing industry as a whole. We also ensured that all PR worthy narratives were highlighted to get maximum media exposure. In addition to that, we familiarized the spokespersons of the brand to handle media exposures and interact with the press

How did we Execute?

  • Multiple press notes were created to communicate each announcement
  • Relevant quote that includes numbers and insights were drafted on behalf of the CEO
  • Instead of using a prepared media list, a media list was developed by shortlisting the most relevant set of journalists and publications
  • Media outreach and media interactions ensured quality conversions and not the press note getting published as it is
  • Press release dissemination were carried out for events to ensure a good mix of regional and mainline conversions

Moshi Moshi is a multi-specialist agency that utilizes innovation and creativity in crafting effective PR strategies. We design custom-tailored campaigns to accomplish the planned objectives. Our other premium services include Logo, Merchandising, Packaging, and Social Media Campaigns.

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SEO Case Study | 1400% Growth in Organic Traffic

SEO Case Study | 1400% Growth in Organic Traffic 1200 773 Moshi Moshi

SleepyPanda Comforts

SleepyPanda is a new-age mattress company that specializes in orthopedic, natural yoga and memory foam mattresses.
The factor that differentiates SleepyPanda from its competitors has been its low pricing, for the niche products it offers – memory foam, convertible and orthopedic mattresses.

Mattress Market

The mattresses industry in India is largely an unbranded one. With growing importance on the well-being and comfort, companies are gradually starting up with offering mattresses for specific purposes – for back pain, neck pain and for people with health conditions.

Essentially, it’s an under-tapped market segment.


The client needed to create its presence digitally to generate growth in online sales. Sleepy Panda, though not an early entrant, has an edge over its competitors in terms of its aggressive pricing. However, the client wasn’t equipped to tap into the increasing demand for customized beds.

Our Approach

We believe in sticking to ideas that can spur growth or the client’s desired results over a long term. Staying on course with such ideas, we prioritized on sign-ups or sales. Since retail or offline sales were limited to essential needs only, the need of the hour was an effective strategy to make users purchase mattresses online through improved brand awareness and advertising.


Since April ’21, when we started implementing our strategy, there has been a spike of nearly 1400% in new users searching for SP’s products and 600% increase in people visiting the website, resulting in a new goal conversion each day for the period between April and September.

Organic keyword search traffic for SleepyPanda’s products were negligible before April – poor monitoring of data by the previous agency added to the woes regarding online sales.

Top organic keywords list and their rankings

Position Zero ranks:

Bearing results for our efforts, among the several keywords that ranked high, as shown in the image above, three sets of keywords (“5 by 6 bed size in inches”, “6 by 6 bed size in cm India”, “double bed size in feet”) are ranked at Position Zero.

position zero ranks

In the process of increasing their visibility(generating traffic), the content on the website was optimized for its purpose – selling mattresses.


In a matter of 6 months, we were able to build a strong foundation for the future of SP’s online presence, which had a single digit monthly visitors in Apr-May to 6000+ visitors in mid-October. Also, we were able to generate one conversion each day for the entire Apr-Sep period.